Try KeyedIn's Project Portfolio Management Solution for 90 Days!

KeyedIn – maker of the award-winning project portfolio management (PPM) solution KeyedIn Projects – recognizes the value our software can provide any company being forced to reevaluate its priorities in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and resulting economic slowdown.

That’s why KeyedIn is offering to waive the license fees for its portfolio management software for 90 days to any qualifying organization.

Try KeyedIn for 90 Days!

After a short two-week implementation and training, your portfolio management office (PMO) will have access to the industry’s top cloud-based PPM solution to:

  • Navigate the sudden need for emergency project planning and execution
  • Rapidly create and evaluate alternative portfolio scenarios
  • Move and adjust project resources and timelines without lots of manual effort
  • Gain real-time visibility into the logistical, financial and resource impacts of sudden changes


The process is simple:

Step 1:

A 30-minute call to discuss your unique challenges and explore the potential of this offer.

Step 2:

A short, discounted 10-day consultative implementation for $10,000 (just to cover our consultants’ costs) to implement and configure the system and import your existing project data.

Step 3:

A simplified Statement of Work, which includes the software access for up to 50 full users and no limits on projects managed.

Step 4:

Tackle the work at hand and on the horizon with accelerated productivity, higher capacity, and complete visibility and predictability.


A Message from KeyedIn's Chief Product Officer

Matt Muldoon

"Effective portfolio management becomes especially relevant when the PMO has to start saying no. As the available resources and investment dollars shrink, the PMO needs hard data around capacity, value and strategic alignment in order to prioritize a portfolio of projects and ultimately say no to some initiatives."

Matt Muldoon, CPO, KeyedIn