KeyedIn Demo Video Media Center

KeyedIn provides solutions that enable project managers, PMO leaders and executive management to contribute more value to their organizations. Gain visibility into your portfolio of projects and resources to ensure alignment with business goals.

If you'd like to see how - the KeyedIn Demo Video Media Center is your ticket! With a variety of demo videos that take you from project intake to project execution, the media center will give you a glance at the power of project management simplicity that KeyedIn provides.

Watch our short 2 minute demo videos to see:

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management software that provides visibility to ensure you are executing on the right projects for your business.
  • Intake and evaluation
  • Project prioritization and scoring
  • Drill down to program, project and task level views

Resource Management

Every organization’s #1 constraint is a lack of resources. Get more value out of resources through better planning, execution and reporting.

Demand Planning

Create demand forecasts and understand the true value and risk of your portfolio. Identify confirmed and provisional demand to identify higher priority work and make informed business decisions.

Executive Visibility

Provide leadership with the information they need to make key decisions. Create individual views and content to have accurate, up to date information readily available.

Persona Based Usage

Focus on actions that require attention by creating dashboards configured to specific users’ needs. Use key dashboards to tailor information based on what is required and make data-driven decisions.

KeyedIn Mobile

Promote adoption and accessibility with KeyedIn mobile. Capture timesheets, expenses, and tasks easily and as needed with on-the-go options.