Agile Portfolio Management is the practice of taking many of the principles that have long benefitted Agile project managers and developers and applying them to the portfolio level. Through improved project selection and prioritization, multiple methodology management, and continuous improvement, PMO leaders and team members can become more strategic and provide a bigger impact to their organization. To become more agile with the portfolio, it requires a different approach – one that takes a look at both what projects are being worked on and how they are being executed. KeyedIn provides the tools you need to become agile across the portfolio while preserving the visibility and control of a traditional portfolio model.

KeyedIn for Agile Portfolio Management

KeyedIn Projects can help organizations instill Agile Portfolio Management practices by enabling three key capabilities that form the foundation of this innovative approach:

1. DELIVERING PRODUCTS INSTEAD OF PROJECTS: Project-focused delivery is based upon finite start and end dates. Product-focused delivery strives to achieve quantifiable business value continuously. Manage projects withinproducts for continuous improvement and maintenance of your strategic business initiatives.

2. CENTRALIZING PPM REGARDLESS OF METHODOLOGY AND OPTIMIZING PROJECT WORKFLOW: All projects types — Waterfall, Agile and custom workflows — can be centralized and managed within the same portfolio. PMOs are granted full visibility to make real-time decisions with the right information at the right time.

3. IMPLEMENTING CONCEPTS OF CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Measure each step in the planning process and adjust it as inefficiencies are identified using key performance indicators.


Achieve Portfolio Management Agility

For most organizations, portfolio management is relegated to clunky methodologies involving cumbersome spreadsheets, limited visibility and unnecessary meetings. Agile Portfolio Management breaks down barriers through a combination of new methodologies enhanced by digital solutions. KeyedIn partners with PMO leaders to implement Agile methods at all phases of the process.

These concepts are supported by a powerful feature set:

  • Role- and skills-based planning for accurate resource forecasting
  • Benefits tracking for sophisticated measurement of Agile projects

  • Integrated portfolio resourcing ensures the most critical projects get the necessary resources for success

  • Configurable dashboards and reporting provide visibility and a single source of truth for project data

  • Scenario modeling allows the optimal mix of projects/products to be quickly identified as requirements change

  • In-product collaboration centralizes all project data and historical records

  • Value-based scoring provides a flexible, prioritized backlog

Employ an Implementation Partner to Make the Shift to Agile Portfolio Management 

Change is never easy for any organization, but it can be made easier when you have an experienced, trusted facilitator to help you with the process. KeyedIn can help you achieve your desired outcomes while reducing and managing risk throughout the transition to Agile Portfolio Management. Our professional services team expertly integrates with your PMO to help guide your organization to success. If you’re ready to transform how your organization tackles project and portfolio management, KeyedIn is ready to help.

"Just when we were looking for a robust cloud-based solution for our company's complex, ever-changing global business structure, to manage our projects, we came across KeyedIn Projects among its counterparts in the marketplace. It is fast enough and can be used and accessed anywhere in the world. KeyedIn Projects has enabled us to ensure agility, scalability, and accessibility in our projects through a multi-tenant SaaS architecture. It also lets us deliver changes and improvements faster, and to all clients at the same time. In addition, it offers users the ability to configure applications to fit their unique business needs." 
R&D/Product Development Executive in the Finance Industry

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