Now integrated with KeyedIn Projects, CAST Highlight is an innovative Software Intelligence solution for rapid application portfolio analysis that evaluates the condition of software assets for overall health, security, and cloud readiness. These insights, compared against industry benchmarks, are incorporated into KeyedIn’s powerful portfolio analysis to help support product-focused PPM.

With CAST Highlight’s automated software evaluation, KeyedIn takes portfolio analysis to a higher level. Decision makers now have a powerful tool to help prioritize and guide product investments by understanding technical software viability and strategic value based on objective data from source code analysis.

CAST Highlight analyzes software application source code and delivers Software Intelligence metrics that include Resiliency, Agility, Elegance, and Cloud Readiness. These metrics are calculated objectively based on actual analysis of the source code itself and adherence to software engineering best practices:

Resiliency: Measures the strength and reliability of the software itself. Is the software built with strong code patterns that make it robust and secure with a lower likelihood of production defects?

Agility: Can the code be easily modified to adapt to changing circumstances? Can it take advantage of open source and shareware products without introducing vulnerabilities?

Elegance: Measures the complexity of the software. Is the software easy to understand and support and can it evolve over time?

Cloud Readiness: How easily can your products be migrated to the cloud. Prioritize the best cloud migration candidates. Spot and fix the roadblocks impacting your migration.

CAST Software Screenshot

Metrics and benchmarks are based on best practices measured over hundreds of client installations

In turn, these objective metrics provided by CAST Highlight can be integrated into KeyedIn’s portfolio analysis tool to assist in scoring and prioritizing products and projects on a sound and logical basis. No longer are investment decisions based on subjective opinions or political maneuvering, but rather on quantifiable data and independent analysis.

Delivering Product-focused PPM

The integration of KeyedIn Projects and CAST Highlight creates a steppingstone to product-focused PPM, a key element of Agile Portfolio Management. While CAST Highlight evaluates the viability and strategic value of digital software products, KeyedIn Projects leverages those insights to enable faster, more effective and more objective product portfolio analysis.

“Hundreds of forward-looking companies rely on Software Intelligence from CAST for greater objectivity, faster modernization for Cloud, and raising the resiliency and agility of their software assets. Integrating such intelligence from CAST Highlight into the context of product-focused PPM with KeyedIn Projects empowers PMOs with unparalleled ability to place the right bets with confidence.” 
Rado Nikolov - EVP Product Strategy, CAST

Why You Need CAST Highlight with KeyedIn Projects

Business software has become increasingly complex and decentralized. That’s why you need more clarity and visibility. CAST Highlight directly integrated with KeyedIn Projects can now help enterprise leaders drive much more informed decision-making based on a much greater level of objectivity and technical detail powered by Software Intelligence. This gives visibility on how well the project teams are utilizing resources and funding across the Enterprise IT portfolio. It helps more accurately identify if the money is going into maintenance or into enhancing and developing products achieving the ultimate goal of continuous improvement and agility with the best returns from IT investments.

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