The ability to quickly respond to any challenge is the key to helping your business pivot and thrive through change. Whether it’s adapting to stay ahead of the pack in a competitive marketplace, shifting to weather an economic downturn or making rapid adjustments to stay strong during a sudden catastrophe, organizational agility gives your business the ability to adapt with speed and continue to thrive — or even grow stronger — no matter what changes are occurring.

Organizational agility is an organization-wide commitment but requires a group to champion the message and ensure results. The Project Management Office (PMO) is largely the group responsible and credited for driving transformation and growth within the business, thus the group best suited for spearheading an initiative to organizational agility. The primary tool the PMO can leverage to support organizational agility is to implement an effective PPM solution. PPM provides businesses with forum to store information and equips teams with data and reporting capabilities to drive growth and value. PPM automates tedious managerial tasks so leaders can focus on what’s important; increases visibility so teams are informed of what is top of mind, and improves key functional areas that are essential to organizational agility. KeyedIn supports this effort in three key areas: Portfolio Management, Resource Management, and Communication.

1. Agile Portfolio Management - Optimize you project selection through investment-conscious planning

Organizational agility relies on placing the right bets at the right time to ensure the greatest chance of success. PPM optimizes project selection because it allows you to prioritize projects at the portfolio level based on their ability to best contribute to the needs and goals of the organization. Centralized data, enhanced visibility, productivity, resource planning and reporting all come together to inform stakeholders and support them in making choices that deliver value.

  • KeyedIn Projects provides a single platform that allows you to score and approve projects so that you are investing in projects that are aligned with the business. With visibility and decisions at the portfolio level, you can understand true capacity and only take on work that can successfully be completed based on your waterline.

  • The enhanced Portfolio Analysis module in KeyedIn Projects allows leaders to compare projects against costs, compare projects against others, visualize return, and create “what if” scenarios, helping you select the most valuable project mix for your portfolio. You can create and compare different permutations, or scenarios, for each portfolio without affecting production data.

2. Agile Resource Management - Empower your teams to do their jobs with minimal interference

While projects are changing and business is adapting to changing demands, it is important to understand the impact that will have on your resource management strategy. Reassigning people, reallocating funds, or shifting targets can create chaos without a simplified way to manage and maintain those changes. KeyedIn provides comprehensive resource management solutions so you can evaluate the impact of changes and quickly deploy them without sacrificing dollars in the transition.

  • KeyedIn Projects provides a 360-degree view of resources with easy assignments in a collaborative environment where people can openly interact and share knowledge and experiences around projects. Easily search by role, skill and availability to find the right people for the job. Drag and drop to assign and configure approvals or rules to ensure no one is over capacity or under utilized.

  • KeyedIn Projects supports Agile Team Resourcing to allow for agile teams to stay together and manage work their way. Integrate with agile tools to keep critical information in the right system.

2. Agile Communication and Delivery - Make rapid adjustments while minimizing disruptions

KeyedIn allows you to adapt and pivot with minimal disruption by providing centralized, real-time data that informs decision-making. In addition to providing information on what is happening right now, KeyedIn also provides historic data, resources, budget, actuals, project and all other relevant information housed in a single, accessible location.

  • KeyedIn Projects, reporting and dashboards provide insights for leaders to facilitate decision making and roll out changes. Organizations can rely on PPM to align projects and resources to the goals of the business, report against critical business objectives, and forecast business objectives for better predictability.

  • KeyedIn integrates with critical business applications for a clear picture of what the business needs, centralizing information for a single version of the truth, and provides a mechanism for teams to continue working without disruption.


Organizational agility is the ability for an organization to renew, adapt, change and succeed in a rapidly changing, difficult, unpredictable environment. With KeyedIn, you can become more Agile in your portfolio management, resourcing, and decision making.

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