KeyedIn Version 7.0 Release

At KeyedIn, we have focused heavily on the concept of Agile Portfolio Management, and making this a reality for our customers. This concept of applying the same Agile principles that have long benefitted product managers and development teams can be applied to the portfolio of projects and allow Project Management Offices the same value to their respective business counterparts. With this new release, we have strategically enhanced key elements of our software to provide the required features and functions to help our customers achieve that goal and realize the benefits of Agile Portfolio Management. We have seen this in action and believe this is the future of portfolio management as we know it.


"This new release not only marks a significant upgrade to the product’s resourcing, reporting and portfolio analysis capabilities, but it also cements KeyedIn Project’s standing as the industry’s best solution for realizing the benefits of Agile Portfolio Management.”
Matt Muldoon, KeyedIn CPO