Agile Portfolio Management in Action

You’ve heard about Agile Portfolio Management and it sounds great. You may have even envisioned ways to get your team on board or started seeing benefits from managing agile projects and ready to apply those learnings across your portfolio. But what does that look like for your team and how can you get started with an Agile Portfolio without overwhelming the business?

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Tom Raper, Director of Solutions at KeyedIn as we explore how KeyedIn supports Agile Portfolio Management and ways we can get you up and running by:

- Taking a product-centric approach to your Portfolio Management
- Introducing Agile Team Resourcing to ensure both work and resources are aligned in an agile model
- Centralizing work regardless of methodology to create better visibility into your entire portfolio
- Practicing iterative planning and continuous improvement for optimal outputs


Click here to download the webinar slides.