The Scary Truth of Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are everywhere. They have infiltrated PMOs of all sizes and are wreaking havoc on projects managers costing them precious time and resources to maintain. Worse yet, they have morphed into software solutions that disguise themselves as productivity enhancers. Don’t be fooled. The underlying culprit of project failure: spreadsheets. With their outdated information and manual work. They must be controlled.

Watch the webinar on-demand to learn The Scary Truth of Spreadsheets and why you need to rid your PMO of this heinous offense. We’ll cover:

  • Why spreadsheets are detrimental to high functioning PMOs
  • How to identify when your PMO has outgrown its precious spreadsheet
  • Ways to get your projects back on track and out of spreadsheet inferno

Learn why spreadsheets are the underlying culprit of project failure.