Forrester Report: Assess Your Strategic Portfolio Management Maturity

NEW Forrester Report: Assess Your Strategic Portfolio Management Maturity

Assessment: The Strategic Portfolio Management Playbook

This report and assessment tool allows you to look at a company's maturity in adopting portfolio management practices to further the journey toward customer obsession. 

This new Forrester Report Highlights:

  • Focus Your Firm On Strategic Priorities

    Without clear vision and goals, portfolio management becomes an administrative exercise that herds disconnected projects to completion instead of delivering real value. Strategy-focused enterprise architects must work closely with CIOs, portfolio management offices (PMOs), and their technology and business peers to assess and develop these practices to create a data- and event-driven end-to-end process.

  • Assess Your Maturity Using Four Competencies

    Our assessment uses 16 key indicators of organizational maturity to employ the four planning and monitoring practices for a customer-obsessed operating model.

  •  Stop Paying Lip Service To Agile Funding

    True continuous portfolio management requires organizations to accept an outcome-oriented, iterative approach to funding portfolios.

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