The Agile Organization: Take a Portfolio-Driven Approach to Thrive

NEW Forrester Report: The Agile Organization: Take A Portfolio-Driven Approach To Thrive

Organizations often experience collisions when managing unique workflows that support systems of record and systems of engagement. To minimize this, organizations must embrace their diversity, but also create an organization that is pragmatic and supports a loosely coupled, but strongly aligned approach to planning and delivery. Using the right level of automation, a different organizational approach, and portfolio teams focused on governance rather than controls help companies make the transition to an Agile enterprise. This is an update of our previously published business case report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically to ensure continued relevance and accuracy.

This new Forrester Report Highlights:

  • Technology Organizations Overpromise And Underdeliver: Lack of transparency, inconsistent practices, and utilization-based allocation make it difficult for organizations to effectively deliver against demand.

  • Establishing A Product-Based Approach Helps: Organizing teams by product line focuses teams on customer-facing technology. Business-facing teams benefit when you organize them by capability.

  • Applying Lean Techniques Improves Productivity: Applying Kanban techniques in both Agile and critical path projects reduces constraints that prevent maximum output.

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