It's Resource Management, But Not as We Know It!

Projects are changing. Organizations are shifting their focus away from deliverables and to business outcomes and they are adapting those outcomes continuously in response to changing circumstances.  That in turn is changing how project teams are built and managed, resulting in a very different approach to resource management.  

Hear from industry expert and contributor Andy Jordan as he explores:

  • The focus on adaptation and adjustment rather than stable work assignments
  • The move to more empowered project teams and the need to manage that environment
  • The decrease in team stability and redefinition of the traditional team concept
  • The future of resource management that this is all leading towards

You know that optimizing team performance is crucial for a successful project.  In Andy’s signature upbeat style he’ll explain what you need to do now to ensure your teams are capable of working as effectively and efficiently as possible – and he’ll give you some tools to make it happen.