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Business Transformation is Within Your Reach Whitepaper

The importance of organizations becoming more customer-centric is on the rise! Project management offices (PMOs) are well positioned to lead this transformation because they are often linked to IT, the central place for business change. Transforming your organization to be more customer-centric sets you up for strategic business initiatives and for greater overall success.

This whitepaper will give you insight into:

  • How to create a change tolerant culture - where your PMO can carry the torch
  • What collaborative hacks you can take advantage of to align every function of the PMO
  • How industrywide digital disruption is tamed by strategic, top-down control


Part One: In Hot Pursuit of "Transformation"

Business transformation means different things to different people. Today, the common definition describes a program or initiative that will help an organization respond with digital enablement to either marketplace or customer-centric opportunities. Project management offices (PMOs) are well positioned for these transformation projects because they are often inseparably linked to the IT Department, the centralized engine for business change.

Coaching functional leaders, project managers and executive teams during a business transformation implementation remains a top role for the PMO leader. But, how can you lead your team to digital transformation success? Let’s look to the pros for some insights on transformative team leadership.

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