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User adoption is a challenge that has long plagued project management office (PMO) leaders and portfolio managers. While many project portfolio management (PPM) tools can address common issues, they are only as good as the data they hold. Simply stated, if no one uses it, it’s useless. But the benefits of PPM far outweigh the administrative effort to maintain them, so why is it so hard to realize value from a solution? There are many challenges that come with procuring and implementing a PPM solution, but in order to successfully adopt a solution, it starts before the evaluation process even begins.

Adoption requires a hard look at how goals are set for the portfolio and understanding how and why users engage with project artifacts. It requires users and management come to a common understanding of goals and a commitment to support the goals that are agreed upon. It suggests that visibility is critical to success and the understanding that you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

This whitepaper will help with user adoption by:

  • Building both a strategic and task oriented PMO tool that users will want to use
  • Setting goals and managing technology enablement to allow you to proceed with the best outcomes
  • Ensuring PMO preparedness prior to exhaustive vendor research
  • Helping users adopt your solution with ease - like resource capacity planning and the use of multiple project management methodologies
  • Enabling user uptake faster by finding primary wins in process control and engaging "naysayers" well in advance of RFP

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