Gartner Report: How PPM Leaders Can Use Zero-Based Prioritization to Refocus Portfolios on Strategic Initiatives

Per Gartner report,"Demands for new initiatives keep growing; however, budgets remain stable. By following the principles of zero-based prioritization, program and portfolio management leaders can rebuild their portfolios piece by piece and free up scarce resources for investments in new strategic business initiatives."

Some learnings from Gartner report:

"- As organizations face tremendous pressure to optimize value within restricted budgets, demands for new initiatives keep growing.

- Circumstances may change after initiatives launch, but many organizations lack the mechanisms to ensure that their in-flight projects and other work efforts are on track to realize benefits.

- High-priority initiatives are often delayed due to a lack of funding; the absence of in-progress project valuation to changing strategy adds to this cash-flow issue.

- Some organizations lack a logical, systematic way of periodically evaluating and prioritizing their portfolios, which means they may continue to fund the wrong types of initiatives."

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How PPM Leaders Can Use Zero-Based Prioritization to Refocus Portfolios on Strategic Initiatives, 3 March, 2021, Mbula Schoen, Lee Weldon.

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